Astronomy or Astrology?

Astronomy or Astrology?

Have you ever finally simply gave in to the temptation and skim your horoscope within the newspaper on Sunday morning? certain, we have a tendency to all have. for many people, it’s a curiosity, associate degree amusement to envision what they assert our day are like supported the sign of the zodiac that we have a tendency to were born below. generally we have a tendency to forget that this tiny diversion is truly a part of associate degree ancient science known as star divination that has had a robust result on several cultures chemical analysis back to centuries BC.

That is to not say that star divination could be a dead art nowadays. it's straightforward to search out star divination advocates in each city, advertising within the newspaper and on tv attempting to persuade US that they will tell our fortune, our future and facilitate cure our ills by exploring the mysteries of star divination.

When you area unit a follower of physical science, the confusion between physical science and star divination by people who don’t extremely perceive the variations will get pretty intensifying.  And in early civilizations, the 2 disciplines weren't separate. star divination was simply the non secular aspect of the science of physical science. thus what changed?

The most vital shift that set in motion the separation of the 2 lines of thought began within the 1st century once Ptolemy wrote the terribly 1st book on physical science known as the Tetrabiblos.  In it, he began to recommend that physical science ought to be thought of a separate science from star divination. it had been quite revolutionary book as a result of it additionally was the primary scientific document to recommend that the world wasn't the middle of the universe which physical science ought to be targeted strictly on the observation and recording of events within the cosmos.

Over successive 2000 years, we've come back a protracted approach.  Not solely has science and faith utterly gone their separate ways that since Ptolemy however the science of physical science makes tremendous strides per annum that area unit thus fantastic, Ptolemy would be actually amazed.

Probably the largest purpose of diversion between a student of star divination and physical science is that the belief that the position of the celebrities has which means over the events on our lives.  Of course, we have a tendency to do recognize that the weather and tides and alternative vital aspects of our lives area unit tormented by the celebrities, planets and heavenly bodies, significantly the moon. however these items area unit happening attributable to utterly interpretable scientific laws in motion, not attributable to mystical forces at work.

What will we have a tendency to, as devotees of physical science conclude regarding the shut relationship between star divination and astronomy?  Well, evidently we wish to be able to tell anyone UN agency is confused by the similarity within the words what the variations area unit. we have a tendency to don't wish to envision the 2 approaches to the celebrities and planets to become confused once more. however we must always do all we will do keep that distinction clear while not turning into skeptical or undignified towards people who should still hold to the teachings of star divination.

It is vital to recollect that what's a part of a person’s non secular life features a level of sacred belief to the one holding it.  And it's not respectful to scoff at such things.  If for no alternative reason than out of respect for the traditional origins of physical science, we must always offer courtesy UN agency still area unit exploring whether or not star divination has any validity for them.

If we will treat every discipline with respect however maintain the separation that has to exist between star divination and physical science, there's no reason each approaches to our admiration of the galaxies cannot exist in peace and harmony.  And for our functions as astronomers, that harmony can enable US lots of freedom to get pleasure from our search data for several additional centuries to come back.  And UN agency is aware of, you may still prefer to scan the horoscope on Sunday morning each thus typically.